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How to improve sleep apnoea management using Patient-Reported Outcome Measurements

Discover how Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) can be used to better manage sleep apnoea in your patient population.

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A new way to run clinical research in sleep medicine: why does it matter?

Understand more about new methods of clinical research in sleep medicine, including how large data sets are being utilised and the benefits and challenges of Real-World Evidence.

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Narval CC™ oral appliance: a good alternative for treating severe OSA patients

Dr Guillaume Buiret and Mrs Karène Valentin share clinical data on the efficacy and tolerability of oral appliances prescribed for severe OSA, explore predictive success factors and explain the post-prescription equipment process.

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Benefits of remote management and patient-reported outcomes in delivering CPAP therapy

The usefulness of digital tools in addition to standard care of CPAP therapy, with new and disruptive data from real-word evidences analysis.

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How to manage titration and side effects with Narval CC™ solutions? [2021]

Experience sharing from a dental sleep expert using Narval Easy™ to manage titration and  clinical side effects : Dr. P. Awouters. Review of Narval CC tolerance based on clinical results from the Orcades study: Pr M.P. D’Ortho

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Choose the right masks for your patients

ResMed masks news.
How to choose the right mask for each patient ?
Tips and tricks asked by the field (pace maker and magnets, cleaning…)

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Patients treated with Narval CC™ MAD: from prescription to follow-up, a multidisciplinary approach [2021]

MAD: From prescription to follow-up, a multidisciplinary approach The importance of care coordination between obstructive sleep apnea therapy prescribers and dentists to treat OSA patients with MAD: Dr. P. Awouters (stomatologist) and Dr. A.Mosseray (pulmonologist)​ How to improve MAD patient management with Narval Easy™, a ResMed collaborative platform: M. Schalabi

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Narval CC™: clinical and technical advantages of a 100% digital solution [2021]

In Dental Sleep, technology is evolving, notably with the use of intraoral scanners by dentists.Combined with a CAD/CAM* oral appliance, your OSA patients benefit from an innovative and 100% digital pathway that has demonstrated clinical benefits. Want to know more about Narval CC? Discover the 100% digital workflow as well as Narval CC clinical evidence. […]

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Narval CC™: A 100% digital oral appliance and pioneer in CAD/CAM* technology for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea [2021]

Narval CC™ oral appliance, a 100% digital manufacturing process, designed for the treatment of OSA.Discover Narval CC, its main innovations, its CAD/CAM* technology, its clinical evidence from the Orcades study and its service innovations. * Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing

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Private video Connected COPD Vanfleteren webinar features image

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Connected COPD: digital tools to improve the care and follow up of COPD patients

Watch this webinar to learn how a COPD centre in Gothenburg works between different entities using digital solutions to help care for and follow up their patients

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Oral appliance therapy: an effective alternative to CPAP

Pr. Peter Cistulli provides clinical evidence that oral appliances can be effective alternatives to CPAP to treat OSA patients. In part two, Pr Jean-Claude Meurice presents the Narval CC™ custom-made MAD and especially its results regarding compliance and patient satisfaction.

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Continuity of care for patients with OSA or Chronic Respiratory Failure post-pandemic

Experts share insights on decision making and patient management after the COVID-19 crisis based on their experience, guidelines and best practice, as well as issues faces and steps taken to ensure patient safety.

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Understanding telemonitoring for the effective management of home-ventilated patients: Airview™ for ventilation

Gain an insight into the possibilities offered by our telemonitoring platform for ventilated patients, including using data sets for a deeper understanding of your patient and management by exception.

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Private video Sleep_Symposium MRD clinical study

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Long-term results of the ORCADES study

Jean-Claude Meurice presents the 5-year results of ORCADES, highlighting the comfort and tolerability of the custom-made Narval CC appliance in OSA therapy.

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