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Dr. Møller Weinreich shares anecdotes and first-hand insights in an interesting presentation that covers current research, the Danish HFT guidelines, and why HFT is useful for different patient group...


Dr Díaz Lobato presents relevant research1-4 and a patient case study in order to demonstrate HFT’s potential to improve quality of life and reduce exacerbations among hypoxemic COPD pat...


Can artificial intelligence-based insights transform care pathways and assist patients with the management of their long-term conditions? Dr Carlin explores his team’s fully digital care model.


Can HFT improve clinical, patient-reported and physiological outcomes in patients recovering from severe COPD exacerbation? Dr D’Cruz presents the results of a recent feasibility study.


In this symposium Dr Patout will present which COPD patient is more suitable for home NIV treatment and which is more suitable for home high flow treatment and how can connected solutions be used in o...


If you want to learn more about the benefits of high flow therapy in patients with chronic respiratory failure in a home setting, this webinar will give you additional clinical support. In this webina...


High flow therapy is used for the treatment of various respiratory diseases in both acute and chronic patients. The webinar aims to investigate this topic and above all to give indications on how to u...


Dr. Rebecca D’Cruz, leading the ongoing UK feasibility study on home high-flow therapy (HFT), gives her talk about the practice of this therapy in COPD and discusses what the future might hold for...


During this symposium, Dr. Maxime Patout outlines the current roles of long-term oxygen therapy, home high-flow therapy and non-invasive ventilation to improve the unmet needs of COPD patients. He als...