A new way to run clinical research in sleep medicine: why does it matter?

Understand more about new methods of clinical research in sleep medicine, including how large data sets are being utilised and the benefits and challenges of Real-World Evidence.
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Key facts

  • World Sleep Congress 2022
  • With Kimberley Sterling, Christoph Schöbel, Jean-Louis Pépin, Anita Simonds
  • New ways to run clinical research in sleep medicine


In this webinar, Kimberly Sterling will explain how a more holistic view of patients based on Real-World Evidence (RWE) can benefit sleep apnoea therapy management. She’ll introduce a range of RWE examples collected from PAP patients and explain the benefits and challenges using this kind of data can bring. Jean-Louis Pépin delivers an outline of the results of the ALASKA project, an analysis of a total of 480,000 CPAP users in the French healthcare system. Plus, he explains findings around the effect of telemedicine/telemonitoring on PAP adherence. Anita Simonds walks through the current evolution of OSAHS guidelines and asks: can RWE and virtual pathways influence policy in the future?

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Christoph Schöbel

Professor of Sleep Medicine and Telemedicine
Head of the Centre for Sleep Medicine, University Hospital of Essen, Germany

Kimberley Sterling

Vice President, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, ResMed, USA
MD PhD Jean-Louis Pépin, Grenoble

Jean-Louis Pépin

Professor of Clinical Physiology, Grenoble Alpes University, France

Anita Simonds

Consultant in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Royal Brompton Hospital, London
Professor Emeritus of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London
Former Vice President and President Elect of the European Respiratory Society (ERS)

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