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How to manage titration and side effects with Narval CC™ solutions? [2021]

Experience sharing from a dental sleep expert using Narval Easy™ to manage titration and  clinical side effects : Dr. P. Awouters. Review of Narval CC tolerance based on clinical results from the Orcades study: Pr M.P. D’Ortho

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Patients treated with Narval CC™ MAD: from prescription to follow-up, a multidisciplinary approach [2021]

MAD: From prescription to follow-up, a multidisciplinary approach The importance of care coordination between obstructive sleep apnea therapy prescribers and dentists to treat OSA patients with MAD: Dr. P. Awouters (stomatologist) and Dr. A.Mosseray (pulmonologist)​ How to improve MAD patient management with Narval Easy™, a ResMed collaborative platform: M. Schalabi

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Narval CC™: clinical and technical advantages of a 100% digital solution [2021]

In Dental Sleep, technology is evolving, notably with the use of intraoral scanners by dentists.Combined with a CAD/CAM* oral appliance, your OSA patients benefit from an innovative and 100% digital pathway that has demonstrated clinical benefits. Want to know more about Narval CC? Discover the 100% digital workflow as well as Narval CC clinical evidence. […]

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Narval CC™: A 100% digital oral appliance and pioneer in CAD/CAM* technology for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea [2021]

Narval CC™ oral appliance, a 100% digital manufacturing process, designed for the treatment of OSA.Discover Narval CC, its main innovations, its CAD/CAM* technology, its clinical evidence from the Orcades study and its service innovations. * Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing

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Oral appliance therapy: an effective alternative to CPAP

Pr. Peter Cistulli provides clinical evidence that oral appliances can be effective alternatives to CPAP to treat OSA patients. In part two, Pr Jean-Claude Meurice presents the Narval CC™ custom-made MAD and especially its results regarding compliance and patient satisfaction.

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Connected solutions for remote care management

ResMed product experts take a look at the key features of myAir and AirView and the benefits to the patient management pathway. They also introduce the upcoming launch of Narval Easy, a platform which facilitates collaborative follow-up for patients treated with MAD.

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