Oral appliance therapy: an effective alternative to CPAP

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  • icon ERS International Congress 2018
  • icon With Pr. Peter Cistulli and Pr. Jean-Claude Meurice
  • icone loupe Alternative therapies in the management of OSA

Compliance and outcomes of oral appliance therapy

Watch this symposium to learn more about clinical outcomes of oral appliance therapy versus CPAP


Pr. Peter Cistulli provides clinical evidence that oral appliances can be an effective alternative to CPAP* to treat OSA patients. In part two, Pr Jean-Claude Meurice presents the Narval CC™ custom-made MAD** and especially its results regarding compliance and patient satisfaction.

*continuous positive airway pressure

**mandibular advancement device


Pr. Peter Cistulli

Pr. Peter Cistulli

ResMed Chair in Sleep Medicine, Charles Perkins Centre, Sydney Medical School, Sydney, Australia
Pr. Jean-Claude Meurice

Pr. Jean-Claude Meurice

Head of Pneumology service at “Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Poitiers", Poitiers, France

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Narval CC

Narval CC is a clinically-proven oral appliance to treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring
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Narval Easy

Narval Easy is a convenient online platform that makes it easy to manage and monitor patients treated with MAD.
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More clinical results about Narval CC

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