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How can digital technology support the management of patients with sleep-disordered breathing?

Interview with Daniela Ehrsam-Tosi, Medical Affairs Manager at ResMed, on how digital technology can support the management of patients with sleep-disordered breathing.

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How can big data generate new clinical evidence on sleep-disordered breathing?

In this interview recorded at the Sleep and Breathing congress, Professor Jean-Louis Pépin talks about big data studies in sleep-disordered breathing.

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Digital health SDB

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Digital health innovations for sleep-disordered breathing therapy optimisation

Watch this symposium from Sleep and Breathing congress to learn more about digital health innovations for sleep-disordered breathing therapy optimisation.

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LIVE 25/04/2019at 4:30 pm CEST

Home NIV in stable COPD: how & why

Professor Windisch draws on over 20 years of experience to explain why and how we should use home NIV in COPD, with a particular focus on patient selection and quality of life.


LIVE 29/09/2019at 1:15 pm CEST

Implementation of a telemonitoring programme for selected COPD patients: learnings and outcomes

Stefanie Werther analyses the pain points and outcomes of introducing COPD telemonitoring programmes. She discusses practical challenges, such as defining pathways and training staff, while also highlighting the positive potential of this strategy.


LIVE 29/09/2019at 1:40 pm CEST

How to scale telemonitoring in a large NIV unit, 2 years of experience.

Richard Osman reflects on his experiences implementing and scaling up a large NIV telemonitoring programme. If you’re concerned about potential obstacles or interested in real-life case studies, you’ll appreciate his insights.


LIVE 29/09/2019at 2:00 pm CEST

Rationale and design of HomeVent Connect, a large prospective study of predictors of compliance with NIV using telemonitoring

Michael Dreher presents the outcome of the HomeVent registry on the prevalence of hypercapnia in COPD stage 3 and 4 and the upcoming HomeVent Connect study. One to watch if your focus is COPD, NIV and telemonitoring!


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Real world evidence: recent big data insights into SDB treatment and the need for tailored SDB therapy

Carlos Nunez discusses how big data is generating fast, efficient insights into the real-world therapy experience of patients with SDB. Big tech companies are interested in its potential to improve treatment and adherence – how about you?

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Sleep_Symposium MRD clinical study

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Long-term results of the ORCADES study

Jean-Claude Meurice presents the 5-year results of ORCADES, highlighting the comfort and tolerability of the custom-made Narval CC appliance in OSA therapy.

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