Connected COPD: digital tools to improve the care and follow up of COPD patients

Watch this webinar to learn how a COPD centre in Gothenburg works between different entities using digital solutions to help care for and follow up their patients.
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Key facts

  • ResMed webinar about Connected COPD
  • With Dr Lowie Vanfleteren
  • COPD care with digital tools


The COPD centre in Gothenburg has been created to provide multidisciplinary patient-centred care for patients with highly symptomatic COPD. Dr Vanfleteren presents the various digital tools they use for patients and caregivers to improve care and follow up.

Introduction – 0’- 1’20

1. Complexity of COPD 1’20- 7’22

Dr Vanfleteren describes how a complex disease like COPD requires complex management. An overview of the pathophysiology and the management of comorbidities related to COPD follows, with a deep dive into sleep and COPD rounding out the segment.

2. Digital transformation along the COPD care pathway 7’22 – 12’22

How can the complexity of COPD care be matched with new techniques? Dr Vanfleteren shows areas where digitalization can create cost efficiencies and how digital transformation is important in the patient’s home before an acute event, in the hospital and post discharge.

3. Care-integrated progress support? 12’22 – 18’45

How can new systems be used to assess the complex inter-professional care of COPD-patients? How does the team at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg work to deliver personalised care? Dr Vanfleteren describes their iPad-based cross-functional system for patient management.

4. Digital solutions for home monitoring 18’45 – 29’59

The goal for home monitoring of COPD-patients is to improve self-care, proactive care and save resources, simultaneous to improving quality of life. The “MONITOR” crossover study for the home monitoring of COPD-patients is described and results from a pilot study made ahead of the start of this study are shared. At 27.17 a film is shown describing this pilot study.

5. Digital solutions for home rehab 29’59-end

Rehabilitation is prioritised for COPD-patients, but the effort required of patients to get to the training-center poses a stumbling block. A project is described where digital rehabilitation solutions are used in the patient’s home through an exergaming program developed by physiotherapists.


Vanfleteren-connected-COPD 5050

Dr Lowie Vanfleteren

Head of the COPD-centre at Sahlgrenska
University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.