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Can artificial intelligence-based insights transform care pathways and assist patients with the management of their long-term conditions? Dr Carlin explores his team’s fully digital care model.


In this symposium Dr Patout will present which COPD patient is more suitable for home NIV treatment and which is more suitable for home high flow treatment and how can connected solutions be used in o...


Discover how Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) can be used to better manage sleep apnoea in your patient population.


Understand more about new methods of clinical research in sleep medicine, including how large data sets are being utilised and the benefits and challenges of Real-World Evidence.


The usefulness of digital tools in addition to standard care of CPAP therapy, with new and disruptive data from real-word evidences analysis.


An overview of how we can use Big Data collected from cloud-connected PAP devices to inform our understanding of sleep disordered breathing.