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High-flow therapy: beyond gas exchange!

In this workshop from the European Respiratory Society International Congress 2021, our guest Mathieu Delorme discusses the use of high-flow therapy from a physiotherapist’s perspective, with patient cases, using HFT in different settings. The discussion is followed by a live Q&A Session.

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How to manage titration and side effects with Narval CC™ solutions? [2021]

Experience sharing from a dental sleep expert using Narval Easy™ to manage titration and  clinical side effects : Dr. P. Awouters. Review of Narval CC tolerance based on clinical results from the Orcades study: Pr M.P. D’Ortho

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Home NIV in COPD: Cost saver or cost driver?

A discussion between Dr. Patrick Murphy, principal investigator of the HOT-HMV study and Dr Eline Gantzhorn from Vejle Hospital, Denmark about the health economic aspect of home NIV in COPD.

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