UK feasibility randomised controlled trial on home HFT

Dr. Rebecca D’Cruz, leading the ongoing UK feasibility study on home high-flow therapy (HFT), gives her talk about the practice of this therapy in COPD and discusses what the future might hold for the growing field of home HFT.
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Dr. Rebecca D’Cruz discusses insights relating to the evidence and practice regarding the use of home high-flow therapy (HFT) in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) from her ongoing feasibility randomised controlled trial.

Our guest gives a detailed overview of COPD pathophysiology as well as outlining the ways in which home HFT may assist COPD patients including mucociliary clearance1-2, dead space washout3, and improved pulmonary mechanics4-6.

She also highlights an important problem to address: 20 to 25% of COPD patients who are hospitalised with a COPD exacerbation are readmitted within 30 days of discharge and each exacerbation has a huge impact on them.

So, putting theories into practice, the research question for her feasibility randomised controlled trial was: ‘Can the use of home high-flow therapy improve clinical, patient-reported and physiological outcomes in patients recovering from severe COPD exacerbation, that require hospitalisation?’

Dr. D’Cruz presents the details and explains the process behind the feasibility study, describes previous research showing the potential benefits of home HFT in chronic respiratory failure7-8, and shows where her study sits with the established literature. The qualitative research of patient and family interviews is also highlighted before Dr. D’Cruz concludes with the future of home HFT in COPD.

With HFT still a relatively novel therapy for COPD, further research in the area is certainly necessary going forward. To hear more insights into Dr. D’Cruz’s current research in the field, simply register to watch the full webinar.


Dr Rebecca D'Cruz

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, UK

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