Treatment of COPD patients at home – NIV or HFT?

In this symposium Dr Patout will discuss the suitability of COPD patients for home NIV treatment and home high-flow treatment and explore how connected solutions can be used to improve care and change treatment pathways.
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Key facts

  • Nordic Lung Congress 2022
  • With Dr Maxime Patout and Dr Ulla Møller Weinreich
  • Treatment of COPD patients at home, - NIV or HFT?


In this replay you will hear a lecture delivered at the Nordic Lung Congress in June 2022 by Dr Maxime Patout from Sorbonne Université Faculté de Médecine in Paris, France, followed by a discussion between Dr Patout and the moderator of the session, Dr Ulla Møller Weinreich from Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark.

Both Dr Patout and Dr Møller Weinreich are well-known lecturers with extensive clinical experience and academic publications within the field of high-flow treatment and non-invasive ventilation.

00.05-00.31 Introduction of Dr Maxime Patout by moderator Dr Ulla Møller Weinreich

00.31- 01.11 Agenda:

• Home Non-Invasive Ventilation
• Home High-flow treatment
• Telemonitoring

01.12-10:43 Treating with non-invasive ventilation at home

Dr Patout describes the situation for a COPD patient based upon the GOLD COPD guidelines and explains how hNIV can help them. He discusses two important studies for hNIV in COPD and concludes with an explanation of the benefits that hNIV can and cannot offer the COPD patient and the reasons why we also need other, complementary therapies such as home high-flow treatment.

10:43-19:58 Treating with high-flow therapy at home.

Dr Patout describes the change in mindset that is required when starting with HFT treatment after having treated patients with NIV. He also describes the physiological benefits that can be expected based upon available clinical data.

19:59-23:24 Tools for telemonitoring.

Covid-19 has speeded up the use of telemonitoring for COPD patients. A team from the Netherlands has shown that NIV setup at home is possible and economically viable. Dr Patout shows how signals in tidal volume and respiratory rate could potentially show if the patient is receiving appropriate treatment or is at risk of experiencing an exacerbation.

23.25-24:34 Conclusions regarding NIV, HFT and telemonitoring

24:35-30:41 Discussion between Dr Maxime Patout and Dr Ulla Møller Weinreich


Dr Maxime Patout

Sorbonne Université Faculté de Médecine, FR

Dr Ulla Møller Weinreich

Aalborg University Hospital, DK

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