Home HFT to reduce acute exacerbation of COPD; HiFAE trial

During this symposium, Dr. Maxime Patout outlines the current roles of long-term oxygen therapy, home high-flow therapy and non-invasive ventilation to improve the unmet needs of COPD patients. He also presents the protocol of the HiFAE trial.
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What do we want for our COPD patients? Dr. Maxime Patout focuses on three important COPD symptoms: dyspnoea, cough and exacerbations, and discusses the roles of long-term oxygen therapy, home high-flow therapy and non-invasive ventilation addressing the symptoms based on current evidence.

Focusing on home high-flow therapy, from the evidence, Dr Patout shows that it can improve dyspnoea1, cough2 and moderate exacerbation rates3-4. But what we don’t know is how high-flow therapy blends with regular therapy and its effect on severe exacerbation. Dr Patout aims to address these two gaps with the HiFAE trial.

“We’re going to see if by giving this treatment to patients that have been admitted with acute severe exacerbation of COPD, we can reduce the subsequent admission for severe exacerbation of COPD.”

Dr Maxime Patout explains the main objective of the HiFAE trial which will compare the use of long-term standard oxygen therapy and home high-flow therapy amongst COPD patients. The main judgement criteria being hospital admissions, survival of AECOPD, or death, as well as several secondary factors including quality of life and lung function, among others.

The trial will start nationwide in France, with the hope of extending it to other European countries. To hear more about this upcoming trial, register now and watch the full symposium.


Dr Maxime Patout

Sorbonne Université Faculté de Médecine, France

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