Digital transformation of the care pathway for COPD patients

Can artificial intelligence-based insights transform care pathways and assist patients with the management of their long-term conditions? Dr Carlin explores his team’s fully digital care model.
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COPD patients are keen to avoid exacerbations and hospitalisation. In this presentation, Dr Carlin presents a fully digital care pathway that includes a patient app and artificial intelligence-based insights. He explains how it can help patients to manage their health effectively within the community by simplifying management, identifying risk, improving communication, and delivering timely health advice.

In this webinar, Dr Carlin describes the digital COPD service model that has been developed on the back of the RECEIVER trial1 and shares a video testimonial from a patient who has benefited from this experience. As well as explaining how the service has been co-designed, structured and delivered with patient input, he presents data around patient uptake of and interaction with the service and addresses the issue of digital exclusion. Additional data show how the service is improving health outcomes and maintaining quality of life for patient. The service is delivering substantial healthcare resource utilisation savings for the health board without demanding any significant increase in delivery resources.

Register to watch the webinar if you’d like to learn how the design and delivery of digital services can support effective COPD care in the community and why programmes like this could be the tip of the digital iceberg.


Dr Chris Carlin

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, UK

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1. RECEIVER trial: positive early experience and sustained patient engagement with a digital service model for COPD management Anna Taylor, Rebecca Scott, Grace Mcdowell, Paul Mcginness, David Lowe, Chris Carlin European Respiratory Journal Sep 2020, 56 (suppl 64) 1365; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.congress-2020.1365