AirView for ventilation:
Embracing digital transformation in Home NIV – Real world experiences

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Key facts

  • ResMed webinar about AirView for Ventilation - Digital Home NIV
  • With Adjunct Professor Ulla Anttalainen and Oxygen and Ventilation Nurse Amanda Gitzias


In this webinar, Dr Ulla Anttalainen from Turku University Hospital, Finland, and Nurse Amanda Gitzias from Mälarsjukhuset, Sweden, present how they use AirView for Ventilation in their daily practice and how telemonitoring has changed the treatment pathway their home ventilated patients follow.

Dr Ulla Anttalainen, Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland:

01.37- 04.00
Background – home NIV treatment and telemonitoring

05.13 – 07.23
Why did the team in Turku start telemonitoring NIV-patients?

07.24 – 08.42
How did they proceed with NIV telemonitoring? Which patients were telemonitored?

08:42 – 15:21
The clinical practice before and after telemonitoring for NIV-patients?

15:22 – 22:52
– The use of AirView and AirView for Ventilation
– What limits are used to get notifications about the patient’s condition?
– Which are the most common problems among bilevel-patients?
– What other features are currently used and how are the patients followed up?

22:53 – 24:59
The role of the consultant respiratory nurse in Turku.

25.00 – 27:52
Presentation of a clinical real life study on all telemonitored bilevel patients in Turku.

27:53 – 32:28
The clinical use of AirView and AirView for ventilation.

32:29 – 36:24
Future aspects of telemonitoring

Nurse Amanda Gitzias, Mälarsjukhuset Eskilstuna, Sweden

36:25 – 37:26
Presentation and background.

38:02 – 39:06
How everything began- what was really the need?

39:07 – 42:57
Review of a patient case on telemonitoring.

43:00 – 44:28
Patient flow before and after starting to use AirView for Ventilation

44:30 – 46:24
Benefits and difficulties with telemonitoring

46:25 – 46:57
Working clinically with AirView

46:58 – 47:37
Future aspects of telemonitoring

47:38 – 49:47
Summary of today’s presentation


Ulla Anttalainen

Adjunct Professor Ulla Anttalainen, Department of Pulmonology, Turku University Hospital, Finland

Amanda Gitzias

Oxygen and Ventilation Nurse Amanda Gitzias, Department of infection and pulmonology, Mälarsjukhuset, Eskilstuna, Sweden