A typical COPD patient using at-home high-flow therapy (HFT): a case study

Dr Díaz Lobato presents relevant research and a patient case study in order to demonstrate HFT’s potential to improve quality of life and reduce exacerbations among hypoxemic COPD patients in chronic settings.
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Can HFT improve quality of life and reduce exacerbations among patients with hypoxemic COPD?

HFT appears to be a good match for the pathophysiology of COPD patients as it can effectively compensate for air trapping, reduce work of breathing, reduce dyspnoea and support mucociliary clearance and pulmonary secretion.1-4 Nevertheless, HFT at home is not yet commonly used to treat hypoxemic COPD patients due to a lack of familiarity with its mechanisms and usage among clinicians and, more importantly, limited availability of clinical evidence about its benefits.

To address these issues, Dr Díaz Lobato explores the mechanisms of action that underpin the efficacy, comfort and safety of home HFT therapy and reviews relevant research. He presents a typical patient case study to show the impact of home HFT on a 64-year old ex-smoker with COPD GOLD 3D with a chronic bronchitis phenotype and hypoxemic coronary respiratory failure. The patient had experienced three exacerbations and two hospital admissions in the last year.

Patients with this kind of profile are a familiar sight in respiratory clinics, making the results of this detailed case study particularly interesting for anyone who is keen to find new ways to treat and improve outcomes for their COPD patients.

“Our case shows that in hypoxemic COPD patients with frequent exacerbations, […], high flow combined with long-term oxygen therapy may be particularly beneficial in terms of reduction of exacerbations, improvement of symptoms and, broadly, quality of life.”

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Dr Salvador Díaz Lobato

Hospital Universitario HLA Moncloa, Universidad Europea, ES

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